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Anonymous asked: you are finally back!!

yes! I’m sorry for neglecting the blog as long as I have!

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Anonymous asked: Whats your opnion on Alessandra?

She’s gorgeous and amazing and all things wonderful?

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Birds of Paradise

Hilary Rhoda

Look at her hands look at her fucking hands. Oh my god. Is she okay? Does she need help? They look normal in all the backstage photos so I can only assume this outfit is severely messing with her circulation. Not good. Bad VSFS, no cookies for you.

Other than that, I mean, it’s pretty strange? Why are her shoulders shooting out feathers? Why is there absolutely nothing else to the costume except for the heavily-feathered sleeves? I’m confused.

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Birds of Paradise

Izabel Goulart

First of all how dare you, I’m jealous of your abs. Second of all, holy shit, those wings are gorgeous! Purple is my favorite color and boy did they put it to good use. Third of all, is that brocade lingerie? Oh my god.

I will say that the little black bows are out of place and throw off the color scheme somewhat. Light pastels and gold do not scream “black embellishments!” to me.

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2013 Birds of Paradise
Fall Out Boy- The Phoenix

There’s an annoying little trend they’ve picked up for these shows of picking songs with appropriate titles that don’t necessarily go all that well with the actual segment. “The Phoenix,” yes, good title for the bird section. Not sure hardcore rock music was the right genre.

It’s not even a bad runway song! I like it! It works! Just not as well as it could. It creates a very intense atmosphere that isn’t always supported by the aesthetics.

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Birds of Paradise

Erin Heatherton

A pink feathery train that manages to not look tacky: that’s a marvelous feat of design right there. The soft pink is such a wonderful color, too, and it complements the blue lingerie so well. The random sprigs of feathers on her torso manage not to be overwhelming; I especially like the one on her shoulder. A lovely look overall.

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