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Snow Angels

Lindsay Ellingson

This outfit is 3D-printed, which is cool, and they were kind of treating it as the centerpiece of this segment, which is weird. Like they kept referring to it as the ‘Snow Queen’ outfit and, okay, yes I understand you’re proud of the technical intricacies of creating this outfit but. It’s not that amazing, honestly, and Lindsay’s not your most famous model, and it was the third look in the lineup and it could have been better presented if you wanted it to be the main attraction, okay?

I do like it, though. I like her snowflake hat and the insane torso pieces, and her shoes kick ass.

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PINK Network

Jasmine Tookes

You know on second thought, I don’t hate this one. The rainbow skirt (??) and hat goes nicely with the black and white-ness of her…that’s not really a hoodie, is it? it’s only sleeves.

I didn’t really get why “Say My Name” was plastered on her hip until closer examination revealed it’s actually a purse of some kind. Which still doesn’t explain it, but at least now it’s an accessory rather than a random embellishment.

6/10. That’s all I can do, considering the neon sneaker-shoes.

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PINK Network

Josephine Skriver

Totes. That balloon says totes, and I am no longer afraid to die.

There isn’t a single part of this I understand. Why the giant fuzzy pom-poms? Why the, like, rope things across her chest? Wait, scratch that, there is one thing I understand—the blinking smiley face. Someone thought “what did people like about other PINK segments? those light-up bras from 2011!” and warped the concept terribly.

Seriously though, what’s going on with her legs.

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Anonymous asked: Personally I thought Elsa's outfit was one of the best of the segment.. I mean, that's not exactly a high passing standard but it was the only outfit that was cute and fun and screamed pink to me and her walk was pretty cute no?? I feel like sometimes even if an outfit is a shit show if it compliments the model/show/song it's a success.. like lets be real Gisele never got exceptionally great outfits but she always made them work and that's how I fel about 2014 PINK Elsa on a (way) lesser scale

I get you. Some of my favorite outfits are kind of a mess but really work with the theme and the segment (Miranda 2008 “The Modern”, for example). I like Elsa’s look a lot (well not A LOT a lot but you get it). She owns that walk and looks like she’s having fun. Just that every time I see it I fixate on that damn smiley face.

I like Elsa in general, actually. She’s a PINK spokesmodel I think, so she’ll probably be in this year’s show (and maybe an Angel one day!)

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